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Example of an Old English style of architecture on Groton Bank.

Groton Congregational Church, 1902

This stone church is the congregation's fourth meeting house, the church having been founded in 1702, three years before Groton became a town separate from New London.  Members over the past three centuries have included most defenders of Fort Griswold, many sea captains and numerous Groton community leaders.
Six major contributors giving $1,000 each about 1902 help make this fine structure possible.  They were members Capt. Jason L. Randall, Thomas Avery Miner, William H. Miner and Frederic Bill; and philantropists John D. Rockefeller, who mother  was descended from the Groton Averys; and New  York City philanthropist Morton F. Plant who also had a summer mansion on the Groton shoreline.

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This web site is sponsored by the Groton Bank Historical Association, Inc. (GBHA). GBHA’s objective is to research and promote the history of Groton Bank and to maintain the historical architecture and village character of this area listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  To accomplish this GBHA publishes information about Groton Bank and sponsors several historical-educational meetings annually.